Aerial Imagery & Mapping

We are the leaders in providing Remote Sensing Data captured from an Aeroplane on a large, physical, colorful, geotagged map for farmers and govt to act upon.

Our Data can be used by concerned as Soil Health Card/Map, Water quality management, academical research etc. Applications are endless.

we also setup necessary data centres and train people to execute the information provided on ground


Our products include, some of the niche products of Mil specs. Get in touch to know more. Data warehouse, autopilots, high speed servos, directional antennas, GPS related equipment for example.


We believe any Hardware is only as good as the software. We deliver software that is as robust, reliable as our hardware

Our Mission

Is to be the World leaders in the areas of Aerial Remote Sensing, niche hardware and the software to go along. Provide end-end solutions to our customers. Enable our customers to grow and grow ourselves in the process

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