Soil Health Card/Map

Project Hardoi

For the first time in India, Soil Health Card/Map project for Govt Of India was done at Hardoi. This included all the products that a soil health card has on a colorful map. Executed to perfection with geotagged and all.

This Information for the farmer is nothing short of succour from heaven.

Project Gomti

Pollution in Gomti, one of the tributary for Ganga. A project done for the Govt of Uttar Pradesh, with an aim to clean Ganges, the holy river of India as part of Namame gange.

River Water Monitoring
Farm Produce Assessment

Project Chaupatka

Agri Produce assessment near Lucknow was the task aim was to find out how much the field is likely to yield, A data that has huge impact on the lives of the farmer and the market forces alike. This is a project that achieved fairly good result vis-a-vis assessment to reality on ground.